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After strong community participation last year, Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay, an online arts exhibition reflecting the diversity of people, art and culture in the East Bay, announces its second annual Call for Submissions for An Online Exhibition. The annual event is open to individual artists and arts organizations within the 510 area code. All selected works will be displayed for one year on the website 510Arts.com.

Submissions are invited from individual artists and arts organizations working in visual and performing arts, and new media. To be eligible, individuals or organizations applying must have a physical address located within the 510 area code. Examples of eligible work include, but are not limited to: Visual arts - electronic images of drawings, paintings, metal, textiles, sculpture, and installation art... Performing arts - music, dance, dramatic works, spoken word... New media - video, film, animation and other digital media.

Artists and organizations are invited to submit new work as well as existing work no more than one year old. Works from a variety of genres will be considered, including music, performance, visual arts and new media, and could range from contemporary to traditional, ethnic and/or culturally-based forms. All submissions must relate to the exhibition theme: Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay.

One $500 Grand Prize winner, and four $100 Honorable Mentions will be selected from among the submissions that the Jury feels best embody the exhibition theme. Cash prizes will also be given for the Best of the City (Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, Richmond) at $200 per city, and two $150 People's Choice Awards.

On-Line Exhibition: If accepted by the Jury, works submitted will be "installed" in the online exhibition at 510arts.com and will be archived online when the exhibition ends. To apply, submit new work, including work specifically created for the project, or existing work no more than one (1) year old, accompanied by a statement of interest, online at 510arts.com.


The East Bay Cultural Corridor partnership was created to promote the rich arts and cultural landscape of the East Bay, and to introduce new audiences throughout the region, country and world via the Internet to local work.

The East Bay Cultural Corridor is a collaborative effort of the cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and Richmond through their civic arts and cultural managers, with guidance from Program Directors of the East Bay Community Foundation and the San Francisco Foundation. The Hewlett Foundation and the James Irvine Foundation provide support for the project.

One of the most culturally rich urban centers in the United States, the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area region) is home to a diversity of artists from equally diverse cultural backgrounds, working in a wide range of disciplines. From individual artists working and teaching in communities to nationally recognized theaters and museums, the East Bay provides arts experiences that make the area a cultural treasure for its residents as well as visitors from other parts of the Bay Area and beyond. The East Bay's visual and performing arts presence has contributed to its strength as a place to live, work and visit, and holds great potential for creating ever more viable and sustainable communities. The exhibition Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay showcases the outstanding and truly diverse talent of this burgeoning community, and serves to stimulate critical thinking about what it means to be an artist and performer working in this uniquely diverse and compelling community.

On the Theme: Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay

An intersection is a convergence. It's the point where two or more lines meet, where one road crosses another, or where there is an overlap of meaning or message. Intersection, then, refers to a common ground where two or more elements share defining characteristics. The root of the word is originally a term in geometry meaning "crossroads." The word implies a place and movement - its synonyms are crossroads, crossing, and corner. The geographical region of the 510 area code is rich in its diversity with over 100 languages spoken, and a vast array of artists, musicians and performers living and working within it. The word "intersection" evokes the unusual and inspiring conditions when diversity, talent and energy come together in one place and time.

As the range of interpretations are potentially quite broad, the East Bay Cultural Corridor partnership has created an exhibition that aims to inspire delight in all those who view it, and at the same time, seeks to foster awareness of the cultural arts in the East Bay.

Geographic Eligibility Requirements

This project is open to individual artists (both emerging and professional) over 18 years of age who reside or work in the 510 area code, and to arts organizations with a home address located within the 510 area code. All those who submit must be able to provide documentation supporting that they live or work in the 510 area code upon request of 510arts.com. Inability to do so will result in disqualification, and any fees paid will be immediately refundable to 510arts.com.

Program Overview

On January 1, 2012, selected images and videos will be exhibited online at the 510arts.com website. The exhibition will be supported by outreach and marketing efforts on a local, state and national level in order to raise awareness of cultural and artistic endeavors in the East Bay.

Artist's Scope of Services

Any related video and file preparation including all embedded images and fonts that are required for submittal is the responsibility of the applicant. The artist, performer or group represented by the submission will remain the sole owner of the copyright of all submitted images and videos, before, during, and after the exhibition. 510arts.com will retain the right to use the work for the purposes of its exhibition and related publicity of 510arts.com.

Eligible Submissions

Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay is conceived as an annual online exhibition of current work by East Bay artists. To honor the intent and to keep the exhibition fresh, please submit the kind of work you are making currently. New work is highly encouraged.

Individual artists, teams of artists or organizations may submit one or more entries for consideration. Collaborations are encouraged between artists of different disciplines and between arts organizations and individual artists.

All applicants must read and acknowledge acceptance of the terms of the agreement prior to entering work in response to this Call for Submissions. The terms of the agreement are non-negotiable and failure to accept the terms of the agreement will result in disqualification from the exhibition. The terms as well as all technical requirements can be found online at 510arts.com. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@510arts.com.

Selection Process

The selection process will take place, as follows:

  1. A selection panel composed of individuals from the East Bay Cultural Corridor Working Group will review submissions for adherence to technical and program requirements; finalists may be asked for further information or modification of their submissions following this review.
  2. The panel's recommendations will be reviewed by the Jury (three members drawn from the East Bay Cultural Corridor Working Group, Cultural Corridor supporting foundations and the 510Arts Advisory panel) for issues including, but not limited to, artistic excellence and appropriateness to the proposed theme.
  3. Representatives of each of the four cities, working with their respective advisory committees/arts commissions, will select their individual "Best of City" awardees from submissions generated within their city limits.

Criteria for the review and selection process include, but are not limited to:

  • Artistic excellence
  • Appropriateness of images in support of Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay theme
  • Potential of the work to spark a viewer's interest in the East Bay's cultural arts


Award categories include:
One (1) Grand Prize - $500
Four (4) Honorable Mentions - $100/each
Four (4) Best of City* - $200/each
Two (2) People's Choice Awards - $150/each

The People's Choice Awards: Beginning on the program launch date of January 1, 2012 and throughout the month of January, visitors to 510arts.com will be invited to vote for their top choices. In February 2012, two People's Choice Award Winners will be announced on the website.

* Best of City awards will be selected by Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and Richmond representatives for their respective cities.

Project Timeline

Deadline for submissions to be completedDecember 31, 2011 (5:00 pm)
Selection Panel Review/Jury ConvenesJanuary 12, 2012
Exhibition Launch DateFebruary 1, 2012
People's Choice Awards Voting PeriodFebruary 1-29, 2012
People's Choice Awards Selections AnnouncedMarch 6, 2012
Best of City Awards DistributedEvent: TBD, March-April 2012

Requirements for Submittal of Qualifications

Your submission package must be created online at the 510arts.com website. The following information will be required:

  • Statement of Interest. Provide a written description of your submission concept in 150 words suggested (not to exceed 500 words). Please outline your approach, materials or processes, and if desired, a short description of how your submission relates to the program theme, Intersection: World Culture in the East Bay. If desired, add any brief commentary that helps describe your work.

  • Biographical and contact information. For an individual artist, each team member, or an organization, you must include name and email. You will also be asked to name the city in the 510arts.com area code where you live or work, or if an organization, the city in which you are headquartered. You must be able to verify this information.

  • Work. Each submission may include one to five (1 – 5) images in JPEG format, or one video [IN FORMAT] no longer than five (5) minutes in duration.
    • Images must be in JPEG format at maximum pixel dimensions (1920 x 1920) with image resolution (72 dpi). The Jury retains the right to select images from each entry for exhibition.
    • Video submissions may be up to five (5) minutes in duration, and uploaded to an external site (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo). You will be asked to provide a link or the embed code for the video.

  • Categories & Genres. State whether your submission was created by you as an individual artist working alone; collaboratively as part of a team; or as an arts presenting organization. Please select one of the four genres that best defines your submission: Music; Performance (Dance, Spoken Word, Theater); Visual Arts; or New Media (Film, Video, and other).

  • Date produced. For each submission, please list the date (year) the work was produced or completed.

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